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Seattle Strength and Power

Ironstone Perofmance's in person coaching is based out of Seattle Strength and Power (SSP), the premier strength training facility in the Seattle area. SSP has a long history of producing some of the strongest athletes in the area, country, and the world. SSP is located in the heart of Downtown Seattle with easy access from public transit. 


Seattle Strength and Power has all the essentials to get incredibly strong in any discipline. The gym is equipped with everything for general strength training: all the standard and specialty bars, dumbbells from 3-150 lbs, bands, chains, bench boards, and squat boxes. Everything powerlifting: power, squat, and deadlift bars, kilo plates, competition benches, monolift, and deadlift platforms. Everything strongman: stones, kegs, tires, logs, sleds, farmers, yokes, and more. 


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