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Franklin Easton is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and a national level strongman competitor. He's learned directly from some of the greatest minds in strength training. 

Whether you are looking at being a world champion, or just getting started with strength training, Coach Franklin can help you get there. Franklin has worked with world champion powerlifters, Olympians, and Division I athletes, as well as complete beginners. Wherever you are, Franklin can help you in your pursuit of strength.

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"I remember one day I was struggling with a 5 rep set squatting heavy weights. I just couldn't get the depth. Franklin stopped me and made me go to lighter weights, repositioned my feet, knees, and chest and focused on repeating good form before moving up in weight. In a couple  weeks I saw significant improvement blowing past the weight with which I had struggled. I went to set a USAPL American record in the squat as well as the deadlift and total weight and was 2019 National Champion USAPL in the M4 division."


USAPL National Champion

"Franklin has been instrumental to my success in powerlifting. When I first came to him, I was strong, but I could not get over the hump to be truly competitive beyond the local level. He taught me correct lifting technique, reshaped my programming, showed me the importance of training cycles, deloads, and rest days, and helped me redefine my approach to training/competing. I would not have become USAPL National Champion or IPF World Champion without Franklin's help. Thanks Franklin!"


IPF World Champion

"He is genuinely passionate about strength training, which makes the whole process fun and worthwhile. He has helped me tremendously with programming and lifting technique which has helped my squat go from around 385 to 550 in about 2 years time. I have seen him work with all sorts of clients, ranging from the not so serious all the way to the ultra-dedicated. it sounds crazy, but everyone he works with gets stronger... literally. For this reason I would recommend Franklin to ANYONE interested in being stronger. Franklin is a great coach."


100m Olympic Alternate, Tokyo 2020



In Person

In person coaching is done in the Morning Crew or Evening Crew. The Crew is a community of lifters all pursuing the goal of strength. The Crew has personalized programming, technique feedback, and nutritional guidance alongside a supportive community that will help push you to the next level. Start becoming the strongest version of yourself today!

Mornings: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Evenings: Monday, Tuesday,

Thursday, Friday

Location: 6601 E Marginal Way S, Seattle, WA 98108

Price: from $300-500 per month

Online Coaching

Not in the Seattle area, but still looking to get strong? Online coaching is the perfect fit for you. Get full coaching services remotely including personalized programming, technical assessments, and nutritional guidance, with unlimited coach interaction and prompt replies. Start becoming the strongest version of yourself today! 

Price: $200 per month

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